Monday, December 8, 2008

BSNL Cellone GPRS for Prepaid customers

Hello BSNL Cellone subscribers, ever wondered how to use GPRS your mobile phones? Here are the steps to activate GPRS on CellOne.

How to activate GPRS in BSNL CellOne Prepaid.

1. First you need a GPRS supported handset and a minimum balance of Rs. 250/-

2. To activate send GPRSPRE to 53733.
Activation cost is Rs. 50/-. You should wait for getting confirmation message of activation.

3. After getting the confirmation message sent your handset model to 58355, in the following format.
-- to 58355
Eg. Nokia 6020

4. You will receive a message which contains the PIN number. Note the PIN number. ( I got 1111)

5. You will start receiving the settings one by one. Save each setting and activate the setting. Enter the PIN number whenever requested.

Get Full Document: Download GPRS Setting (Manual)

More about BSNL Mobile.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Missed Call Alert in BSNL mobile

To activate this just set your call diversion to +9117010.

This service is a free service.

Bsnl Friends and Family plan

This tip is about activating the friends and family (FNF) plan in BSNL mobile. Applicable to only the residents of India.

According to this plan u can call to any two numbers, of your choice, at a rate of 10ps per minute. The following are the conditions.
1) Both the numbers should be BSNL numbers.
2) One number should be a landline number and other should be mobile number.
3) You can change the numbers after 6 months.

Just do the following:

Send FFE <space> <land phone number> <space> <mobile number> to 53733

The method is same for both activation and changing the numbers. (Change possible only after 6 months)

Happy talking.... :)

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